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Service Description: RCRA Sites: Location of DEQ Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs) sites in Oklahoma. Superfund Sites: This data provides location information for Oklahoma Superfund sites evaluated and documented by LPD. The geodata is based on georeferenced latitude and longitude positions provided. Star Incentive Program: The geodata established for the OKStar shapefile in 2010 is based on the silver, gold and platinum rank and the year the rank was achieved. The georeferenced location is based on latitude and longitude position. Remediation Institution Controls: Remediation sites in Oklahoma with Institutional Control tracked by the Remediation Unit of the Land Protection Division of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. Oklahoma state statute 27A O.S. § 2-7-123(C) requires the Department of Environmental Quality to place notices of remediation on properties where risk based cleanup has occurred. Voluntary Cleanup Program Sites: The Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) provides a means for private parties and government entities to voluntarily investigate and, if warranted, clean up properties that may be contaminated. VCP utilizes a negotiated process for site activities. Sites in the VCP generally have the option to enter the Brownfields Program if the participant requests. VCP includes sites ranging from old oil refineries with multiples sources of contamination that affect hundreds of acres to sites less than an acre with a single source of contamination. OWRB Appendix H Sites: Sites listed in OAC Title 785, Chapter 45, Appendix H, Beneficial Use Designations for Certain Limited Areas of Groundwater. Within Oklahoma there are some bodies or areas of groundwater the quality of which is not suitable for the beneficial uses that are designated on a default basis in OAC 785:45-7-3(b). In most cases this unsuitability is caused by natural conditions or irreversible human-induced impacts such as pollution. Consequently, it is necessary to provide for beneficial use designations for these limited areas of groundwater which are more accurate and appropriate than the default designations in 785:45-7-3(b). The absence of an area of a groundwater formation from this Appendix does not necessarily indicate that area is free from contamination or has quality suitable for any particular beneficial use. Hazardous Waste Permit Sites: A list of facilities in Oklahoma with hardardous waste permits. These sites include hazardous waste landfill disposal sites, facilities that store hazardous wastes, hazardous waste transfer facilities, and certain types of recycling or treatment facilities. Tier II Facilities: Tier2 reports, also know has Hazardous Chemical Inventory reports, are required by federal law to be submitted annually by companies storing hazardous chemicals. These reports contain information on the type, amount, and storage of hazardous chemicals in quantities large enough to impact the surrounding community if there was an accident or spill. These reports help local emergency planners and responders prepare for and respond to accidents involving hazardous chemicals. These reports also allow citizens to know what facilities in their neighborhood store hazardous chemicals so that citizens can make informed decisions about what to do if an accident occurs. For more information on a specific facility, please contact DEQ. USGS Gauging Stations: A Gauging station (site) is a location used by hydrologists or environmental scientists to monitor and test terrestrial bodies of water. This is a map of the USGS Gauging Sites that are located in Oklahoma. These sites are located on all important water sources in Oklahoma, including rivers, creeks, and lakes around the state.

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